In case you’ve purchased a hosting plan and you’ve got some queries regarding a given feature/function, or if you’ve chanced upon a certain complication and you need support, you should be able to get in touch with the respective technical support team. All web hosts deploy a ticketing system irrespective of whether they provide other means of contacting them along with it or not, due to the fact that the most effective way to handle an issue most often is to post a ticket. This mode of correspondence makes the responses exchanged by both sides easy to follow and permits the client service staff representatives to escalate the situation in the event that, for example, a system administrator should become involved. Usually, the ticketing system is not directly connected to the hosting space and is part of the billing account, which goes to say that you will need to use at least two separate accounts to touch base with the support staff and to actually administer the hosting space. Constantly switching from one account to another can be a nuisance, not to mention the fact that it takes a long period of time for most hosting companies to answer ticket requests.

Integrated Ticketing System in Cloud Website Hosting

In stark contrast with what you may find with lots of other web hosting companies, the ticketing system that we use with our Linux cloud website hosting services is an essential part of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is included with all accounts. You will not need to remember several logon credentials, as you will be able to manage your tickets and the hosting account itself from one place. So, in case you have a query or bump into an issue, you can touch base with our technical support engineers straight away. Our ticketing system comes with a smart search option. This implies that even if you have sent an abundance of tickets over the years, you’ll be able to find the one that you need without hassles. Furthermore, you can see knowledge base suggestions for fixing commonly met issues.

Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with all our Linux semi-dedicated hosting, was developed with one aim in mind – that you should be able to manage everything connected to your semi-dedicated server account from a single place and the support tickets make no exception. Our ticketing system is incorporated into the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, so, if you have a question or encounter a difficulty, you can contact our client care team on the spur of the moment without needing to sign into another admin interface. You can look through your web files or check various settings within your account while you send a new ticket or read the answer to an old one. If you’ve got heaps of tickets and you’d like to find a specific one, you can make use of the clever search box, which is available in the Help section of the Control Panel. We guarantee that you will get a response in less than 1 hour irrespective of the nature of your inquiry or problem.